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Life as we know it now

If you read my previous blog you will be aware that we are parenting the s**t out of life, hitting all those new challenges; sleepless nights, pooy nappies along with the giggles, raspberries and smiles. Learning to roll over is the latest achievement but I just cannot get her to go the other way – oh well she will do it in her own time – just like her mummy and daddy do!

So life right now is a bit, well ALOT different to how we knew it some months back and as we all crave to go back to that way of life I think day by day we all slowly start to realise and find it difficult to accept that life isn’t going to be like it was. Well, certainly not for a little while longer and as those dreary rainy days continue and the nights begin to draw in, our mood begins to become gloomy and sad. With the impact of COVID-19 constantly in our faces; on the news, when we go outside, and play dodge as we walk up the street, to shops where we wear a mask and duck out the way of others while frantically using hand sanitiser after everything we touch,… it’s not just me is it?

Having had a baby during all of this I am sure my OCD issue has increased! Having spent lots of time at home (not how I was expecting being a new mama would be)it encouraged me to focus on my goals, so while baby sleeps I dash around and do all the house chores as quickly as possible so I can grab half an hour to an hour working on our brand Luella York and let me tell you I love it so I hope you do too!

Life throws new challenges at us all the time but you just have to take it head on an adapt to a new way of life and hope that this is natures way of telling us all to re focus in life and get out of life what you put in.

Do you have any dreams you would like to achieve? If the answer is yes, then set yourself some small goals and go for it – but remember – something my boss always taught me – “you can’t eat an elephant in one go, you have to do it in bitesize chunks!”

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