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Believe in Yourself

If there is one thing I have learnt over the many years of working then that is to ‘believe in yourself’.

I am a big believer in praising people, making them feel good about themselves and their achievements. Why? Because that empowers them to do more, do better and push themselves to the highest ability and ultimately get job satisfaction. That’s how I manage my team and encourage them if they are feeling demotivated. Praise them when they have done well and guess what – more often than not they pick themselves up and motor on, leaving the office with a smile and come back the next day to strike again!

Sometimes you don’t get that encouragement from those around you so you have to dig deep and praise yourself. If you believe in yourself then you will be driven, focused and able to achieve more. It goes without saying the harder we are on ourselves for not achieving something, or doing badly at something the more deflated you feel.

Mental health (if you can spare any donations to this great charity please pop over and donate what you can) is a hot topic at the moment and I can totally sympathise with people who are feeling down, lonely and isolated during these difficult COVID-19 times but all I can say is focus on the good, remember what you have achieved, think of holidays you have been on, a special memory with friends or family and hold on to the fact we will have that life back soon enough.

In the meantime set yourself some small goals like we said in our previous blog and pat yourself on the back for doing something good each day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing but it will make you feel motivated to do something else the next day and give you a focus.

We all miss our friends and families and socialising as we use to but it is important that you see the positive in this situation and take time out for you (and your family) and take it as an opportunity to recharge your batteries, find a new hobby, or like us start a new business!

I always say only you will look out for number 1 (you) so start today and believe in yourself you can achieve amazing things if you let yourself!

I look forward to hearing what goals you set yourself, leave a comment below!

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