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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and yet again another day this year that won’t be celebrated the same as we normally do.. but I truly hope you are able to decorate the house, make some yucky bright coloured cakes or biscuits, eat lots of sweets and get dressed up (well let the kids get dressed up!) Just have a bit of fun at home with your family, it will be a different Halloween but I am sure one the kids will enjoy.. you could play hide and seek and scare each other when you jump out in the dark!!

If you don’t have any Halloween plans and instead are just going to have a chilled weekend why not do a bit of Christmas shopping and start getting ahead after all nothing haunts you more than that ‘thing’ that you didn’t buy… we hope there are lots of ‘things’ in our store that you want to buy and will make great Christmas gifts this year – so don’t delay come and visit our store and place your orders toooooonnnniiiiiggghhhhttttttttt! (ghost sound effect!)

Our gorgeous scented candles are a great to light as the nights start drawing in and winter is upon us – cosy up at home with our Luella York, relaxing, winter or refreshing scented candles.   Lime, Mandarin and Basil Nutmeg, Orange and Cinnamon Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavendar and Ylang Ylang each with a different colour modern design which would look great in your home… I have one of each in our house and all of the scents are gorgeous so don’t be haunted by one of each to try or gift for your friends this Christmas and then come back for your favourite once you have had a sniff of them all!


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