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Branding and Growth Training Course – Setting Goals

So we are pretty new to this blogging life, having recently launched our business and built our own WordPress website we are now looking how to increase traffic and build SEO. 

WordPress offer some great training platforms so we have just taken on the WordPress Branding and Growth course to gain tips on how to create perfect blog writing and we have decided to share the journey with you…we hope to find some like minded people along the way, whilst learning.

Day 1 – we have set ourselves 3 goals on what we hope to achieve from this course

  1. Gain 10 followers a month for the first 3 months and then look to increase
  2. Publish a new blog 3 times a week 
  3. Allocate 1 hour a week to visiting our followers blogs, reading and commenting for the next 3 months (to learn what impacts this has with the foreseeable to continue this and increase if it gives the results we need) 

Why do we need to set ourselves goals?

Firstly and foremost it enables you to have focus and work towards achieving them.

Have you thought about the old cliche question “where do you see yourself in 5 years times?” It’s a typical interview question or ice breaker when you are getting to know new people and we are not sure that, that many people have an answer. I mean who asks themselves this, it’s an on the spot response of what you think you would like to be doing in 5 years times but not really mapped out and broken down to help you get there by goals.

We can’t speak for everyone we’re sure there are people out there that do ask themselves this regularly and do set goals and work to the parameters to achieve them but we guess if you are reading this blog you currently don’t but would like to start moving in that direction?! Great news as we are in that boat too and already feel more focused on our plan by writing this blog!

We have definitely approached life with a decide along the way kind of attitude, “the conveyor belt of life”, roll with it, whatever the next expected thing of us is we will do it without a plan!

All that said we completely appreciate the importance of setting goals, especially when it comes to business and starting out with the desire to achieve great things.

So tell us, Have you thought about what you want to be doing in 5 years time?

Are you clear of your main objectives right now? 

Do you have a daily plan of what you want to try and achieve by the end of each day? 

It is important to map out goals in order to succeed, without them you can easily lose direction and lack any focus. 

Once you have set your goals, you have something to benchmark yourself against so you can determine if you are succeeding. So take some time out to set your goals and if you want to share them with us, in the comments below or in your own blog and put a link below so we can pop over and read them. We look forward to reading your goals and sharing tips from this course along the way.

Let us hear your thoughts!