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You can’t eat an elephant in one go, you have to do it in bitesize chunks!


We are (ok, I…!) am my own worst enemy sometimes!

I have so much drive, so many ideas and so much energy that often I don’t know where to start first, where to focus my time, how to priortise all the ideas in order of importance. I often find myself doing something, thinking I should be doing another and thinking of 2 or 3 more things I could do, that I jump over and make a start on that because I get excited!!

I always tell myself that it is just my personality and I should be able to do everything quickly. Being the creative one my mind is on overdrive a lot of the time!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not unorganised, or chaotic – ok I do refer to my desk as organised chaos! I know where everything is and why I have kept the things that I have! I know what needs doing next and make a good job of it as I always give everything I do 110%. My problem is I’m not very good at prioritizing what’s most important first, what is going to benefit us more if I do that quicker than the other! I just want to do everything now and fast! I want everything to be a success now! I want more for us, I want to do better! Constant pressure on myself to achieve… there’s nothing wrong with that either so don’t be afraid to push yourselves but what you have to remember is you can’t have success in everything overnight! You CAN’T eat a whole elephant you HAVE to eat in bite size chunks. If I remind myself of this often then I find I’m not putting pressure on myself as much and can see small chunks will make big progress over time! I just have to be patient!!

Fortunately for me, that’s where hubby comes in! He sees everything much more clearer than me – knows how to get from A to B in a straight line not via point C, F, H and Z! So I always discuss my ideas with him and then we work together to make a plan and break down the points into bitesize pieces.

It’s funny isn’t it – being in my head life is so different to how another person sees something and there I am trying to eat a whole elephant – spinning 50 plates and hoping none of them drop – funny thing is I do seem to do it quite well (I always get complimented for it!) but my head doesn’t cope with it very well and the reality is I am putting the unachievable on myself!

weekly planner

The one thing that is on my desk putting some of this chaos into order in our weekly planner it is like our bible and everything we need to do, new ideas we think of, daily routines, people to call are all added on here. Along with what baba had to eat so I can track any allergies as we are working our way through the weaning journey and navigating life as a working mama!

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So does any of this sound familiar?! Do you have the same problem?

How do you manage your workload and ideas? Are you a whole elephant or bite size pieces?

Please share your stories and any tips with us below!



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