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Where did the name come from?


So you may be wondering who is Luella York – where has the name come from…

It’s a name we have created for our brand which we believe has a strong look and feel in our branding design, which stands out from other small businesses and equally fit to be a recognisable retail brand in time to come! That’s our hope anyway!!

So my middle name is Louise, so of course I was nicknamed from my parents as Lou! Somewhere else along the way I was given another ‘nickname’ (I thought they were meant to be shortened?! Fayella deville! Where did that come from I’m not sure but it’s stook and I liked the Ella part if nothing else!

So with the Lou and the Ella I came up with an unusual name that I love ‘Luella’.

Now the ‘York’ came from the fact my hubby was born and bred in Yorkshire. We met at uni up there and then he proposed to me when we was on vacay in New York! So we had two of strong links to ‘York’ and we thought together with Luella it had a great unique stand out name.. so there you have it; personal to us our name was created!


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